How do you fix a water damage in a prefabricated house?

There are various ways in which water damage can occur: whether a flood or a pipe break - in any case, you have to know what to do now. In this article, we'll explain how to fix water damage to a prefab house.

The structure remains "healthy"

How to fix the damage

However, you should not start with the "repair" - the experts of your prefabricated house company have experience with water damage and know the structure of your house. Because: In order to remedy a water damage, the structure of the house must be intervened. Only then can you see if and how damage has been done.

Then the renovation can begin: Cladding and insulation material must be removed to get to the wood. This must first be cleaned, since certainly no clean water has penetrated.

However, the process of drying lasts longer: in order not to take several weeks, the drying of fan heaters or the like should be supported. To be sure that dryness reigns, a specialist should carry out a so-called wood moisture measurement; the moisture content of the wood must not exceed 18%.


The following list summarizes the information on the subject of water damage:

  • Water is basically no danger to the wood
  • In order to prevent mold, a timely drying process must be carried out
  • Experts of the prefabricated house must "penetrate" to the wood
  • At the end of the Make sure that you have a check on the process, if everything is dry
Tips & TricksOnly the slightest suspicion of water damage, otherwise harmful mold will result.
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