How long does the construction period of a massive house take?

You have planned your new house, the designs are in place and the construction is fully organized? Of course, now you want to move in as fast as possible, but with a massive house, you'll have to wait a few more months. In this article, we'll explain what you should know about building a massive home.

Are there differences in the construction time?

If all companies, such as the bricklayer or roofer, work together well and smoothly, the construction is logically completed early. However, this progress depends strongly on the order situation of the respective companies: If they are strained from the ground up, you should count on longer construction times.

The time-consuming steps

But why take even a simple, small house about four months? Since the entire shell is built in the "stone on stone" way, this alone takes a month; You just do not have finished parts as in the prefabricated house.

The roof is not a finished element, but like the rest of the components a product of manual work. Here, skilled workers keep an eye on the entire building and usually guarantee faultless construction - a service that takes the time required.

Dry times - does it have to be this?

Several steps in the construction of a house require a certain drying time: regardless of whether the floor slab, the screed or the fresh plaster of the walls. But why can not you just shorten that - the construction time would certainly benefit.

Of course, as a builder, especially when you consider the high costs of the house, you want to achieve first-class and above all long-term high-quality results. Therefore, it is advisable to use the double drying time rather than early to continue with further steps.

Much depends on the companies

It is always advisable to inform yourself before placing an order about the respective craft enterprises. Does the company have a good reputation and is known for fast, thorough work? Because especially here there are differences that can greatly influence the construction period.

Self-made for faster collection?

When considering these construction times, many developers come up with the idea of ​​accelerating them with their own hands. In some cases, this even makes sense: if you have a handcrafted talent, you can not only save time, but also costs. In addition, you keep an eye on the construction progress at all times.

However, if you are not in the position to carry out the relevant work professionally, an extension of the construction time can also be the result. Be sure of any work you may do on your new home.

Tips & Tricks Do not settle for overly rough time calculations. In order to better plan both financing and collection and the associated effort, you need a reliable schedule. It is best to contractually arrange as much time as possible.
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