How long is the drying time for latex paint?

Emulsion paints are generally known to dry relatively quickly. Modern latex paints belong to this type of paints, they usually contain no rubber and are water-soluble. When is the freshly painted wall ready for the second coat of paint - and at which point does the coating qualify as completely dry?

These factors determine the drying time of latex paint

latex paints will dry differently, depending on the material and environmental conditions. The drying time depends on the following factors:

  • Binder and solvent content of the paint
  • Absorbency of the substrate
  • Room temperature
  • Humidity

In a normal temperature room at about 20 degrees Celsius and 65% humidity, a wall coated with latex paint should be paintable after about one hour , It is completely dry after 4 hours.

Tips & TricksMake easy the glue test with your fingertips: A dried coating feels smooth and firm, it does not stick and of course does not stain.
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