What does a semi-detached house cost as a prefabricated house?

Semi-detached houses offer you a significant cost advantage, but can also be disadvantageous in certain circumstances. In this article you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of this design and what it costs to build a semi-detached house as a prefabricated house.

What is a twin house anyway?

If you decide on a prefabricated house together with your future neighbor, you will not only save money but also other advantages. This includes, above all, the significantly shorter construction time than the massive house, which saves both sides stress and effort. The fact that you have a single point of contact with your developer also makes the handling of the semi-detached house much easier.

Less freedom and soundproofing

However, you must also accept a few disadvantages of the semi-detached house for this cost savings, which mainly includes the limited freedom of design. Whether the design of the windows, the front door or the roof - you will not get any further without the agreement with the other builders.

Sound insulation is also a disadvantage if you do not invest enough in an insulated middle wall during construction. Both parties should agree that this is an important and indispensable investment; Lack of sound insulation will cost you a short time after moving in.

Cost comparison: Detached house and semi-detached house

Below you will find two calculations to compare the average costs for the different house types.

Cost overview single-family dwellingprice
1st plot 600 qm (developed)40.000 EUR
2nd single-family dwelling with interior work (prefabricated house)200.000 EUR
3rd additional costs (land register entry, notary etc.)15.000 EUR
4. external work (terrace, Garden)20.000 EUR
5. cellar35.000 EUR
total295.000 EUR

cost overview semidetached houseprice
1. plot 750 qm50.000 EUR
2. semidetached house (prefabricated house)260.000 EUR
3. additional costs20.000 EUR Außen 4. Exterior work
25,000 EUR5. Cellar
40,000 EURTotal
395,000 EURWhile you have to pay the full 295,000 euros for a single-family dwelling, only half of the double dwelling is incurred, which is 197,500 euros.

Tips & tricks It is best if you already know the other builders well before you make such investments together. So the chance of possible disputes is lower.

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