How much does an average prefabricated house cost per square meter?

When calculating the price of a prefabricated house, the price per square meter plays a major role; on it you can see if the price-performance ratio is right and if there is potential for savings. In this article you will find out how high the average square meter prices for prefabricated houses are.

The shell: More space often cheaper

Why calculate the price per square meter?

You will surely ask yourself, "Is not it enough to know the final price of a prefabricated house?" As far as your financial burden and, above all, financing are concerned, yes. But if you want to know if the price-performance ratio of your house is right or if it is perhaps too expensive, the price per square meter, especially in relation to the regional average, is a good measure.

Cost Estimation

In the following, we first calculate the total price of a finished single-family home (floor area 120 square meters, plot 600 square meters), then the price per square meter.

Price overviewPrice
1. Plot 600 sqm40,000 EUR
2. Development of the property10,000 EUR
3. Prefabricated house 120 sqm, turnkey200,000 EUR
4. Outdoor facilities (front yard, garden, terrace etc.)15,000 EUR
5. Formalities (land acquisition, notary, etc.)10,000 EUR
6. Other construction costs10,000 EUR
Total285,000 EUR

To calculate the price per square meter, we take the floor area: 285,000 euros / 120 square meters result in a price of 2,375 euros.

Tips & TricksConsult the usual square meter prices for your region to get your price.
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