How much does the construction of a wooden terrace cost?

If you want to create a terrace on your own house, it is best to use wood as building material. Wooden terraces are elegant, durable and a real eye-catcher. In addition, you can also build yourself quite easily and, above all, cheaply. With what costs you have to expect, you can find out here.

Costs for a self-made wooden terrace including foundations

If there is no concrete foundation, you have to create a stable underground layer yourself. The best way to do this is with a compact gravel bed on which a layer of laying sand is applied. In this sand layer then simple concrete slabs are laid as a point foundation.

In addition to the square timbers for the substructure and the decking, you also need gravel, sand and concrete blocks. Then there is the necessary mounting material.

You can easily fix the beams of the substructure with angle connectors and longitudinal connectors, where necessary. The attachment of the terrace itself, you can easily perform because it is so very stable due to the wood weight. The planks are simply screwed to the substructure.

Alternatively, so-called invisible fasteners for the decking boards are available, but very quickly can be very expensive. Screwing is also possible in many cases - but barefoot on the terrace then under certain circumstances risk of injury and through the holes can penetrate water. But if you accept that, you will get it much cheaper.

The wood used is the decisive cost factor

The best value for money in any case provides Douglas fir. Kesseldruck impregnated woods are still a bit cheaper, but usually not as durable as Douglas fir. Tropical woods like Bangkirai, on the other hand, are considerably more expensive than Douglas fir, especially with the substructure.

Of course there are always differences in quality of wood - so you should always find a compromise between good wood quality and low price.

For our model house, we have built a small terrace with 2 x 4 meters - so 8 square meters - including the foundation itself. The following costs were incurred:

Cost overview example project

  1. Gravel and laying sand: 30 EUR
  2. Concrete blocks, 8 pieces: 18 EUR
  3. Substructure, squared lumber, 16 running meters: 60 EUR
  4. Decking for 8 square meters: 315 EUR
  5. Fastening material (including clip system) : 40 Euro

Total price: 463 EUR

Exploited saving potentials

We have consistently set our restaurant terrace at cost savings. On the one hand, this included the renunciation of an invisible attachment that would have cost more than 150 euros and the use of cheap Douglas fir wood. Impregnated pine would have been a bit cheaper, but we did not want to compromise.

If you build your terrace at ground level, you can also save the cost of a side facing and have a threshold-free terrace. That can be an advantage sometimes. Before then, however, is the additional work of Ausköseung the soil in about 30 cm depth. Otherwise, you still have to add the cost of the facing boards on the side and front to the costs incurred.

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