Plastic windows: Get spare parts

The durability of plastic windows can be quite different. Many lower quality windows wear out after a few years and then need spare parts. Right here is the rabbit but then in the pepper. Tips on how to find replacement parts for windows are listed in this post.

Advantageous brand windows

It is difficult to find spare parts in the market for windows of unknown and rare brands. Especially these windows wear out faster, and then have to be repaired. Besch Obtaining the necessary spare parts for the repair, but then often succeeds only rarely. Only a few dealers in the Internet have an assortment of less popular manufacturers in stock.

For many low-cost manufacturers, getting spare parts can be either very expensive or very difficult.

Tip: Brand manufacturers prefer

Even if the higher price often does not seem justified at first glance, it often pays off in retrospect with regard to the frequently lower wear and the easy availability of spare parts.

Window maintenance

Windows must be serviced at regular intervals. This applies to both cheap and expensive windows. Only the maintenance intervals can be slightly higher for premium windows than for the less solid low-priced models.

It becomes problematic if, during window maintenance, a window service requires spare parts which it is difficult to obtain. This can lead to problems and possibly to expensive replacement solutions if something is not available.

Seal windows

One of the more frequently required replacement parts after a certain period of time is window seals. If a seal is damaged, it must be replaced. If the corresponding gasket is not available, window services also have difficulty closing the window.

Tip: Universal seals

For most profile systems, universal seals exist on the market. They fit the dimensions of the most common grooves. Often these parts are even higher quality than the original seals. The advantages are often:

greater adjustment range of the window due to greater sealing height, often up to 9 mm

  • lower maintenance than the original seal
  • higher UV resistance than the original seal, therefore longer service life
  • Where universal seals fit, they are a good solution sometimes also for the brand windows.

Replacing safety parts

If a fitting that can not be replaced on the market is broken, it can often be a possibility to convert to corresponding safety fittings. These retrofit hardware fits most window types. Often it succeeds in replacing the unavailable spare part. A safety plus is also created.

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